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Knowledge Partners

  • SIFS India Forensic Science Laboratory

    SIFS India is the leading private forensic Science laboratory in India, experts in countless forensic services comprising crime investigation, cybercrime, Training. Cyber forensic services, DNA test, Lie-Detection, cyber crime investigation, data security and recovery, network security, ethical hacking service, Insurance fraud scam, signature and handwriting examination etc. SIFS is registered with Govt of India and an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization known to premier class forensic services across the country, we have skilled forensic experts who have solve done several civil crime cases, unique cases and given opinion on complex cases in the respected courts all over Indiad.

  • SIFS India Forensic Science Laboratory

    SIFS INDIA provides a platform in the field of education in forensics. Forensic training and education imparted here not only provides a benefit in the career but even makes one aware of the various modes of crimes and the precautions to avoid one. SIFS INDIA Department of Education and Training provides a quality mode of learning through class room courses and online learning portals. The Education mode is broadened to all the sections of Forensics.

  • Kenyon International Emergency Services

    Kenyon International Emergency Services is a crisis and disaster management company, recognized as the world’s leader in providing crisis management services. Kenyon is the only private disaster management company with dedicated, full-time resources spread across four regional offices. Kenyon’s client base exceeds all our competitors combined and all Kenyon equipment is owned and maintained in preparation for immediate deployment. With over 100 years of experience responding to 340+ incidents, Kenyon guarantees first class resources, services and software to meet the demands of any incident.

    In recent years we provided considerable resources to the Australian Government following the Asian Tsunami; body recovery expertise for the Governor of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and for the UN in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. We have assisted with care for families, victims and their belongings at disasters in Africa, Greece, USA, Libya, India and Indonesia, to name a few. Kenyon services provide proven solutions to any event, regardless of the size, scale, and location of the incident.

  • RealScan Biometric, provides various forensic science services including, Fingerprints verification, Fingerprint chart/card for Visa and Immigration from FBI, Canada, Australia.

    RealScan Biometric- Department of Scientific Equipment Services provides many Forensic Equipment and tools used in the Forensic Investigation in Forensic Laboratories, Private Investigators, multinational companies, security agencies and Private clients.

  • As a practicing pharmacist, I write expert witness reports for criminal, civil, medical negligence and fitness to practice cases. I am also able to attend Courts or Hearings anywhere in the World either in person or by tele-link.I discuss these with you on a case by case basis. However,if you also subscribe to my Drug Information Service I can give you real time advice as and when you need it.

  • Forensics and DVI (disaster victim identification)

    Kerry-Ann Milic has over 12 years of experience in Forensics and DVI (disaster victim identification) and is passionate about her work.

    Whilst a Forensic Anthropologist by trade, Kerry-Ann held the position of Lecturer in Forensic Science at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for six years until recently setting up ForensicDVI, giving her the opportunity to return to doing what she is passionate about. Previously Kerry-Ann was a Senior Forensic Anthropologist with the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she spent five years assisting in the identification of victims from secondary mass graves following the Srebrenica genocide (1995).

  • Forensics Network International Ghana.

    The FNI was established in Ghana by Pet-Paul Wepeba, a Forensic Science Consultant with a lot of rich experience in Ghana and overseas. He is the first and only Ghanaian to have won a first prize in an International Forensic Science Conference with his research entitled “the effect of high temperature on latent fingerprint and DNA recovery” in 2012. The company has now grown through consultants with years of experience and training all over the globe and a huge network of national and international, skilled professionals .

  • Forensic Digital Examiners Association (FODEA)

    FODEA- Forensic Digital Examiners Association is the leading Forensic Science Service provider in the country. We are first Forensic Organization with the 1st private Forensic Lab in Nigeria. FODEA is also the first Forensic outfit authorized for FBI Fingerprint- FD-258 in Nigeria. Our competency is unmatched as is evident in the testimonies of our students and clients. Our Professionals have over six years of industry experience and handling financial fraud, fingerprint examination, sexual assault and other numerous security related training and cases within and outside Nigeria. FODEA is known for parading solid team of qualified and highly acclaimed Forensic Expert.

  • Document Examination

  • Fingerprint Analysis

  • Cyber Forensics Investigation