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  • SIFS INDIA Services

    Forensic Education Department of Education- SIFS INDIA provides various Forensic Science Courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. These courses provide you advantages for the development of your career in the fields of Private Forensic Investigation, Banks, Police Departments, Detective agency, IT industries, IB, CBI, Hospitals, MNCs and many more.Training for Corporate We provides training to corporate Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery Detections, Fingerprints verification, Forensic Expert Opinion on Forged Documents. Crime Investigation and Prevention, Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security, Cyber Security, Network Security, Forensic Awareness Programmes, Forensic Science Research and Development of Forensic Science and many more..Training in White Collar Crime SIFS INDIA provides training for the Students, Advocates, IT Professional, Police, Govt. and Private Security Agencies in the several fields of the Forensic Science Investigation such as Fingerprint Identification and Developement, Handwriting Analysis, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Biology and many more.

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    The Opinions and Reports of SIFS INDIA Experts are acceptable in all courts in India and abroad (In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act) and Our Educational Courses Certificates are legally valid.

  • SIFS INDIA Education

    SIFS INDIA is registered with Govt. of India, and an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute. We provide various Forensic Science services including. SIFS INDIA is an India based Private Forensic Institute with an expertise team of well-qualified and experienced specialists. Till the date, the team has dealt with many cases related to- Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting Analysis, Fingerprint Comparison, Signature Detection, Fraud Detection, Document Forgeries, Anonymous, cyber forensic ethical hacking, biological fluids analysis, Letter Reports, Fingerprinting for Immigration/ Visa purposes, Employee background checkup and verification, Various Security Cards Preparation etc. Besides, the team also provides training and internship to the students, professionals as well as the Bank employees and other such corporate recruits. The motive of the Institute behind providing the online or classroom courses is to-

  • Kenyon International Emergency Services

    Kenyon International Emergency Services is a crisis and disaster management company, recognized as the world’s leader in providing crisis management services. Kenyon is the only private disaster management company with dedicated, full-time resources spread across four regional offices. Kenyon’s client base exceeds all our competitors combined and all Kenyon equipment is owned and maintained in preparation for immediate deployment. With over 100 years of experience responding to 340+ incidents, Kenyon guarantees first class resources, services and software to meet the demands of any incident.

    In recent years we provided considerable resources to the Australian Government following the Asian Tsunami; body recovery expertise for the Governor of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and for the UN in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. We have assisted with care for families, victims and their belongings at disasters in Africa, Greece, USA, Libya, India and Indonesia, to name a few. Kenyon services provide proven solutions to any event, regardless of the size, scale, and location of the incident.

  • Real Scan Biometric

    RealScan Biometric, provides various forensic science services including, Fingerprints verification, Fingerprint chart/card for Visa and Immigration from FBI, Canada, Australia. RealScan Biometric- Department of Scientific Equipment Services provides many Forensic Equipment and tools used in the Forensic Investigation in Forensic Laboratories, Private Investigators, multinational companies, security agencies and Private clients.

  • Forensics and DVI (disaster victim identification)

    Kerry-Ann Milic has over 12 years of experience in Forensics and DVI (disaster victim identification) and is passionate about her work.

    Whilst a Forensic Anthropologist by trade, Kerry-Ann held the position of Lecturer in Forensic Science at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for six years until recently setting up ForensicDVI, giving her the opportunity to return to doing what she is passionate about. Previously Kerry-Ann was a Senior Forensic Anthropologist with the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she spent five years assisting in the identification of victims from secondary mass graves following the Srebrenica genocide (1995).

  • Forensics Network International Ghana

    The FNI was established in Ghana by Pet-Paul Wepeba, a Forensic Science Consultant with a lot of rich experience in Ghana and overseas. He is the first and only Ghanaian to have won a first prize in an International Forensic Science Conference with his research entitled “the effect of high temperature on latent fingerprint and DNA recovery” in 2012. The company has now grown through consultants with years of experience and training all over the globe and a huge network of national and international, skilled professionals. This broad assemblage of experts and scientists is at the heart of The Forensics Network International Ltd and permit us to offer you with in all probability the broadest album of independent forensic science skills available in Ghana, Africa and beyond and it is still embryonic

  • Forensic Digital Examiners Association NIGERIA (FODEA)

    International Certified Forensic Examiners (ICFE) London, UK, is a leading Forensic, Anti-corruption and Crimes Intelligence Organization providing Online plus Distance Forensic Education and Training. ICFE is registered with Government of England and Wales, while 'IFS and USLEF'(our educational Partners) are India's First Forensic Sciences Organization Registered with Dun & Bradstreet and with the U.S. Federal Government CCR database. ICFE is a Forensic, Legal and Educational Organization mainly working for Crime Investigation and Court. Our Experts in relation with the Private Sectors like Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank Group, Citibank, Syndicate Bank etc, and Lawyers/Advocates from Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Consumer Courts etc..

  • Academy of Forensic Investigation (AFI)

    Academy of Forensic Investigation (AFI) is a registered organization. The Academy of Forensic Investigation (AFI) services team can assist you in the investigation, analysis and resolution of your business issues and disputes. Whether reacting to an incident or offering proactive solutions, our network of forensic services practices combines a global reach with dedicated local teams to support your business. We help organizations tackle the major financial and reputational risks associated with economic crime. Our Forensic Experts identify financial irregularities, recover stolen assets, and introduce controls to mitigate the future risk of fraud. We have also developed and pioneered new technology specializing in the capture, management and analysis of data to support investigations and dispute resolution. The team has a long established litigation support practice. In addition, we provide investigation and accounting skills to help businesses resolve complex financial disputes arising from corporate transactions, insurance claims, intellectual property and licensing contracts, and construction projects.

  • Asquareforensic (Forensic Services))

    Forensic Science means “SCIENCE FOR THE PURPOSE OF LAW“. We provide various Forensic Science Services including Forensic Expert Opinions under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act. We are a team of qualified forensic expert in this field. Provided Forensic report on Questioned Document and signature verification, Handwriting examination, fingerprint verification on admitted/disputed documents such as affidavit, sale deed, general power of attorney, Agreements, cheques , certificates, receipt, summon etc. Our expertise can help to ensure the provision of safe forensic science evidence in court. We support our Clients (generally advocates, government agencies, banks, Insurance Companies, other private agencies and individuals) who are involved in potential or continuing litigation. Our Clients may be on the defense side and the case may be related to criminal or civil court case. We can guide our Client to important resources during the investigation and discovery phase of each case and we can make out key issues.

  • LION HEART INDIA (Detective & Protection Service)

    LION HEART INDIA is a leading private detective Company handling crime of all strata for years. Lion Heart India has made its place in the field of investigation since 2010. The Company has earned ample appreciation from its satisfied clients. Our company’s motto is “assuring complete client satisfaction”. Our diligent team of LionHeart India, comprises of highly experienced and determined officials, who qualify being intelligent and sincere in their work. Lion Heart India is proud to share its experience of solving critical and challenging cases, with guaranteed client satisfaction. The Company respects or client and follow complete secrecy in all matters. Company’s insight is client’s vanguard. Today’s word deals with all types of crimes, which are increasing day by day, people, need fast and durable solutions to solve this encroaching issue.